How do I join?

1. Come as a GUEST to a rehearsal(s).

2. When you are ready, let the Membership Chair know you would like to become a Prospective Member, then:

*Complete a Guest Profile & Voice Placement.
*Attend rehearsals and join us on the risers.
*Get to know your assigned Buddy and SL.
*Practice and memorize your audition music at home.

3. When you are ready, your Section Leader will schedule you for a private audition with the Music Team (You will have 3 opportunities to audition).

We welcome guests and prospective members at every rehearsal. Sit and watch or join right in! Reinvigorate your joy of singing. We'll see you soon!

Monday evenings, 6:30-9:00pm

Need more information?

Contact us via email at

Contact us via phone/text at (808) 224-0383