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Stephanie Brictson, Master Director

Honolulu Blend Chorus is thrilled to have Stephanie Brictson, an award-winning Master Director and quartet singer, as Music Director.   Stephanie brings 30-plus years of barbershop experience which, most recently, included 24 years directing Jersey Sound Chorus (SAI, Region 19) and 7 years with the Bucks County Country Gentlemen (BHS, Mid-Atlantic District).  She has coached ensembles of all sizes on the East coast and Midwest led by her passion for helping singers and ensembles achieve their personal best.

   Through her work with youth programs and projects , she hopes to help develop young people as musicians, performers and dedicated singing members. She believes that barbershop is a unique art form that can touch people's lives in a positive way and have an impact on future generations.

  Family is important to Stephanie--from her father, a retired BHS Singing Judge, all the way to her three-year-old granddaughter who prompted her move to Hawaii.

  Sharing the joy of singing and making people happy is her ultimate goal as a director.   "We will laugh; we will sing; and we will be challenged as we learn and grow as artists!"

Adrienne Leduc 
Assistant Director

   Adrienne loves listening to the Dapper Dans on Main Street, USA. Her first experience singing barbershop harmony was when she joined Honolulu Blend in 2011. She is a charter member and has sung tenor and lead.

   Adrienne has been a musician her whole life. She studied piano, violin and voice as a child, and taught herself to play guitar and 'ukulele. She sang in the Glee Club at Columbia University, and as a member of the Cast Choir for the Candlelight Processional when she worked at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. From 2009-2011, Adrienne volunteered with Far Corners Community Theatre, teaching music theater to local children in Monteverde, Costa Rica.

   Adrienne is a Registered Behavior Technician, providing one-on-one behavior therapy to children with autism spectrum disorder. In addition to singing a capella, she loves knitting, painting with watercolors, and spending time with her two beloved cats.

Julianne Headshot.jpg
Julianne Hiu
Assistant Director, Tenor Section Leader

Julianne joined Honolulu Blend in 2014 after becoming intrigued with the chorus’ heartfelt performance at the Hawai‘i Music Educators Association Conference. A choral director by profession, she was excited to join HBSC to increase her knowledge of a cappella music and sing barbershop style for the first time. Julianne has over 15 years of experience as a music educator and is a choir director at Kamehameha Middle School- Kapālama. She holds a Bachelor of Education in Secondary Vocal Music from the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, and a Master of Music Education in Choral Music from Florida State University. 

2021 09 18 RK headshot 2.jpeg
Rachel Knapstein 
Baritone Section Leader

  Rachel has always been involved in various school and community choirs. In 2003, She competed in the National Eisteddfod of Wales, the largest festival of competitive music and poetry in Europe. After moving from Maryland, Rachel spotted Honolulu Blend Show Chorus performing in the community and joined the team in 2014. She had been itching for a different chorus experience and HBSC gave her the fun and friendship that she was looking for. She performed with the quartet, Candid Connection, at Regional 21 contest in 2016 and has served on the visual team and on the management team.

Gail Higaki 
Bass Section Leader

Upon retiring after 30 years as an educator, Gail's bucket list item, "sing in a women's chorus" brought her to a Honolulu Blend rehearsal.  She never left.  The journey has taken her to six competitions and numerous performances.  Gail plays the piano and guitar but had never sung in a chorus or choir, so she appreciates how music education is integrated into chorus activities. As a senior citizen, she considers barbershop singing beneficial to her health and well-being.  She loves making beautiful music with friends!

DMT (2).jpg
Deb Straight
Director Advisor/Management Team 

   Deb is a 23 year member of Sweet Adelines International.  From 2004-2019, she has performed in a total of over 8 SAI competitions (with Greater Auckland NZ chorus , San Diego chorus, and Honolulu Blend Show chorus) and is the recipient of 5 top 10 international and 10 regional SAI competition medals.  Deb is a founding/charter member of Honolulu Blend, having previously served as bass section leader, and numerous chorus management positions.

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