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Honolulu Blend takes pride in our "Go Team!" attitude. Our leadership teams are consensus driven, meaning that every voice matters. The Chorus Management Team and the Director's Music Team consist of volunteers working together toward organizational success. 

The Management Team is responsible for managing the many administrative aspects that keep our chorus functioning.

The Director's Music Team provides opportunities for chorus members of all skill levels to increase their musical skill level.

As an award-winning Master Director and quartet singer, Stephanie brings 30-plus years of barbershop experience to Honolulu Blend. Most recently, she spent 24 years directing Jersey Sound Chorus (SAI, Region 19) and 7 years with the Bucks County Country Gentlemen (BHS, Mid-Atlantic District).  She has coached ensembles of all sizes on the East coast and Midwest led by her passion for helping singers and ensembles achieve their personal best.

   Through her work with youth programs and projects , she hopes to help develop young people as musicians, performers and dedicated singing members. She believes that barbershop is a unique art form that can touch people's lives in a positive way and have an impact on future generations.

  Family is important to Stephanie--from her father, a retired BHS Singing Judge, all the way to her two-year-old granddaughter who prompted her move to Hawaii.

  Sharing the joy of singing and making people happy is her ultimate goal as a director.   "We will laugh; we will sing; and we will be challenged as we learn and grow as artists!"

Master Director
Stephanie Brictson

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